Introductory Lesson with Instructor


If you’re interested in learning to fly and want to really know what it is like to fly then this is a great place to begin your journey.

Lessons are aimed at those starting to learn or with previous flying experience to see if they want to take up gliding.

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These flights are recommended for those who are interested in joining the club and learning to fly a glider. A BGA instructor will brief you on the features of the glider, and the use of instruments and controls before your flights. During the flight you will be able to control the aircraft under their supervision to complete certain training exercises. If you already have the aviation and flying bug then this is the best option.

We have two different ways of launching, Aerotow and Winch. We'll discuss the launch method when you book and on the day of the flight. The total flying time will be approximately 30-40 minutes, over two or three flights, depending on conditions.

Once you have the voucher you can contact our office to arrange the time and date of your flight. We include 1 month’s membership of the club, so after your flight you can return and fly at our normal members’ rates.

Please note:

There are no age limits on being a passenger in a glider. However you must be between 5ft (152cm) and 6ft 5 (195cm) and under 16 stone (100kg) with the minimum weight being 6.5 stone (40kg).
You must be capable of climbing into the glider and not suffer from any illness likely to cause a sudden change in your condition (such as epilepsy). Please call the office should you have any concerns or special requirements.

All flights will be from Saltby Airfield, NG33 5FE . Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Vouchers are transferable but NOT refundable.


Additional information

Preferred Launch Method

3 Winch Launches or 2 Aerotows