Microlight Lessons

Get your Pilot’s Licence

As well as gliding and motor-gliding, BGC also offers training in microlights. This includes a full course for a Microlight Pilot Licence, the NPPL A (Microlight)

Lessons are booked as two hour slots during which you will have a full pre-flight briefing and a training flight lasting about one hour. You will need to become an NPPL member of Buckminster Gliding Club and pay for the flying time at £146 per hour.

The minimum number of hours required to complete the course is 25hrs but most people take about 35hrs. You need to be at the required standard pass a ‘skills test’ with an examiner and complete a solo-cross country flight landing away at two other airfields. There are also 5 multiple choice and one oral exam to complete.
This training is provided by qualified instructors and examiners. For full details contact Paddy Yeoman, paddyeoman {at} hotmail.com

Want to experience a flight without committing to a full course?

Try a Microlight First Flight Experience