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Flying Fun

Juniors are glider pilots aged 25 years or younger. The UK minimum age for flying solo is 14, although aspiring pilots can begin to learn before then. Age is just a number in gliding, and Junior doesn’t mean inexperienced. Members have gone on to be qualified pilots, instructors and serve on the club’s committee, all while still being a “Junior”.

BGC also participates in nationally run UK Junior Gliding events, for young pilots across the country. These events are aimed at a variety of experience levels, and offer a great chance to socialize with fellow junior pilots.

For more information on events and funding opportunities see the UKJG website.


Loughborough Students

Part of LSUGC Societies we are the only club at Loughborough to offer affordable flying. The training is reasonably priced with the chance to become a solo glider pilot in 3-6 months, but that’s only the start, once a solo pilot you can progress your new found aviation skills further and train for aerobatics and cross country flying.

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