First Flights & Introductory Lessons

Enjoy the experience of silent flight

Flying in a Glider is a totally unique method of flight. We offer First Flight Experiences for those who want an introduction to glider flying and Introductory Lessons for those ready to learn to fly a glider. So whether you’re interested yourself or are buying a gift for someone else take a look at what we offer.

Glider First Flights

If you are interested in experiencing the magic of Gliders and silent flight then this is for you.

Our BGA qualified pilots will fly you in one of our modern Gliders so you can enjoy the entire flight and see the wonderful countryside float by.

We use two ways of launching our Gliders; Aerotow where we gently tow the glider behind one of our tug planes or using our Winch and cable.

First Flight Experience

Glider Introductory Lesson with Instructor

If you’re interested in learning to fly a glider and want to really know what it is like to glide then this is a great place to begin your journey.

Lessons are aimed at those thinking they would like to learn to fly a glider or those who have previous flying experience to see if they want to take up gliding.

Introductory Lesson

Or maybe Powered Flight?

Enjoy cruising around the local area in our Motor Glider

In Our Motor Glider you sit side by side with the pilot and can see everything that’s going on all the time.