Motor Glider Courses

Improve your Gliding Skills or learn to fly powered aircraft

At the BGC we don’t only fly gliders – we also have a Touring Motor Glider that we offer to non-members as away of honing skills and gaining new qualifications.

Learn to fly our Motor Glider

As a qualified Glider pilot you can easily learn to fly Touring Motor Gliders, which can be a wonderful first step into power flying. If you can already fly a TMG then we have a series of short courses to help you get the best out of any TMG

Short Courses for Glider Pilots

A motor glider is a useful cost- effective tool for glider training – even for pilots who have no intention of learning to fly one! We offer a variety of short courses for glider pilots, each of which will be tailored to your specific needs.

Further  Training for Glider Pilots

Lesson in a MG can provide valuable experience for glider pilots: the ability to Practice RT, crossing airspace, land away at an airport. Navigation training, field landings XC Endorsement, Currency/Recency flights