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While gliding instruction is provided at no extra cost to club members every flying day, our courses provide a taste of club membership while also helping to kick start your glider training.

Get a great start to your year with a 3 Day Course

Our 3 day Gliding Course will give you a great start to your Gliding goals this year. We will discuss your goals for the course with you to get the best results for you.

We aim for two aerotows on the first day and up to 5 winch launches per day after that depending on weather conditions and your needs.

Ground school and briefings to fit in with the syllabus and any poor weather conditions.

25% discount on the first year of full membership if you choose the join the Club as a full member after the course. Any agreed additional flying after the course flying credit has been depleted will be charged at members rates.

We are subject to the weather and if we cannot fly we can re-schedule any lost days of your course and/or use the simulator to ensure no loss of flight time.



2024 Dates;

09 – 11 April23 – 25 April
07 – 09 May28 – 30 May
04 – 06 June18 – 20 June
02 – 04 July23 – 25 July
13 – 15 August
10 – 12 September24 – 26 September

All Ground School and Briefings included.

A dedicated BGA qualified instructor and  two seat training glider.  (maximum of 2 students per course)

Pilots Log Book & BGA Student Pilot manual included, these will be sent to you soon after we receive your deposit.

Fly with our Instructors, instruction is included for all our members & course attendees.


1 Day Courses

A 1 day Gliding Course provides an introduction to flight training whilst also giving you an idea of what it’s like to be a club member.

In addition to the flights you will also recieve some ground briefing in order to make the most of your time in the air

As part of your course you will get;

A dedicated BGA qualified instructor and two seat training glider.  (maximum of 2 students per course)

2 Aerotow Launches Aerotowing gives you the chance to hone you skills in a controlled and reliable way.

2 Winch Launches, Winch launching gives fast and simple launches, meaning it usually makes up most ab-initio training.

1 month membership from the date of your course, allowing you to return and fly at club member rates if you wish to continue your gliding journey.

Perkoz (S8Y)

The newest addition to our training fleet. With performance that rivals advanced single-seat gliders it is capable of  cross country flying and it’s impressive handling characteristics means it is also used for aerobatic training.

Grob 109a

This advanced Motor Glider is available for hire by club members to complete gliding exercises as well as being a good route into powered flying.


This German-built training glider is known for it’s gentle handling characteristics making it ideal for those at the early stages of learning to fly. It’s high tolerances mean it can also be used for aerobatic training.

Astir (MWK)

Ideal for post-solo pilots who wish to start cross country flying. It has a reasonable performance while still being easy to handle.

Ka-8 (GDB)

This vintage glider is made from wood and canvas around a steel frame fuselage. It's gentle handling characteristics make it perfect for early solo pilots and those hunting for their first badges.

ASK-13 (EBZ)

From basic training, through your advanced pre-solo training, then onto going solo and some great local flying - the K13 has a special place in our hearts.

Your Training

Our Facilities

A full range of training is available for complete beginners through to those looking for more advanced Gliding and Soaring training. 

Our knowledge, gliders, tugs and winch are all available to help you get the best from your course.

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We have 1 & 3 day courses running from April through to August.

You can book your place using the Book a Course links above or if you you have any questions you can get in touch with us.

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