Cloud Flying

If you want to get the most out of XC flights or love flying from exotic Gliding sites then you will need to learn to fly literally ‘in’ the Clouds.

To do this you will need to gain your Cloud Flying endorsement.

Play amongst the Clouds

We offer bespoke cloud flying ‘courses’ to pilots that cover our Cloud Flying syllabus. These courses are offered at members flight rates so all you need to do is book the course, to alert us of the need for the instructor, and then join as a temporary member on the day.

We use a shroud in the rear cockpit to simulate cloud. Our gliders have all the instruments required to become a safe and proficient Cloud Flyer.

To book you individual course please contact the office.

Ground Briefings:

  • Hazards, Physiological Factors & Legal Aspects
  • BGA Cloud Flying Brief
  • Instrumentation and Errors

Flight Exercises Examples:

  • Straight Glide on a heading
  • Recovery from Stalls/Spiral Dives
  • Use of GPS whilst instrument flying
  • Use of Radio/ATC/Vectors
  • Emergencies handling

Your Training

Our Facilities

We have a full range of modern Gliders and Instructors, all of which can play in part in passing your BGA Cloud Flying endorsement. 

Ready to Book Your Place?

We have Instructors available for you from April through to August.

You can book your place by getting in touch with us.

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