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For Aerobatics we’re possibly the best place in the UK to learn to fly gliders to their full capabilities. Many of our pupils aim to pass their BGA Standard Aerobatics Badge during their course.

At any level of flying, aerobatic training will improve your flying, your handling of the aircraft and help you better understand the aircraft’s capabilities (and your own!) in unusual attitudes. Aerobatics is an exercise in precision flying and will take your flying to another level. So come and broaden your flying skills and have fun !

Learn to Defy Gravity 

Buckminster Gliding Club is recognised as one of the leading centres for glider aerobatics nationally. BGC is well orientated towards glider aerobatics, having no airspace restrictions, two-seaters capable of aerobatic training and experienced aerobatic instructors.

We train pilots from complete beginners through to those practising aerobatics for world class competitions and display flying. Pilots from all over Europe come to BGC for an annual event, the Saltby Open Aerobatics Competition. 

Typically Standard Badge from Bronze C level may take a minimum of four 4,000ft tows and two 3,000ft tows plus approximately 140 minutes of flying time

How much does it cost? We ask for a £200 deposit to book your place, this is then used towards your flying fees for the duration of the course. Flights will be at club member rates and you will also be charged the reciprocal daily membership fee (if applicable to your home club).

Your Training

Our Facilities

Training is in our club K21 or Perkoz aircraft, both of which are capable of advanced manoeuvres such as rolling and inverted flight. The course includes ground school and safety briefings which are an essential element of the training.
Beyond that, private aerobatic gliders like the Lunak are based at Saltby airfield. We can teach numerous levels; Standard, Sports, and Intermediate. A Standard Badge involves carrying out Humpty Dumpties canopy down, Loops, 45 degree down and up lines, steep turns, chandelles.
Whether you’re aiming to compete in this spectacular sport , are looking to achieve your BGA Standard badge or you just want to be able to do loops and develop your aircraft handling skills, Saltby is the place to come.

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We have 3 day courses running throughout the year.

You can book your place using the Buy Now links or if you you have any questions you can get in touch with us. 

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