Our Courses

Improve every aspect of your flying

At BGC we have courses designed to help you improve and expand your gliding skills no matter where you currently are. From getting started to learning how to fly aerobatics – there’s a course for you and they are all customised around your needs.


As a BGA Centre of Excellence for Aerobatics we’re possibly the best place in the UK to learn to fly gliders to their full capabilities. Many of our pupils aim to pass their BGA Standard Aerobatics Badge during their course. 

Introductory Gliding Courses

We offer customised 3 and 1 days courses that will take you towards your goals, maybe it’s going solo or developing your soaring abilities – we can help get you there!

Motor Gliding

With the advent of the SLMG rating most glider pilots can learn to fly MotoGliders easily and cost effectively. 

Our MG course will help you convert to power flying.