Visiting Pilots

Visitors to BGC are very warmly welcomed!

Please read the briefing below before arrival:

>>OM 5.1 BGC Visiting Pilots Advice mar21<<

Visiting Glider Pilots

Please remember to bring your log book, medical and any gliding qualifications you have.

If you are thinking about coming for a few days then ask about the on-site caravans and camping or about the local pubs. We have no spare hangarage but we do offer a large(ish) grass area for rigging, de-rigging and overnight picketing. Launching is by winch and aerotow. Flying is in the main soaring over lovely countryside and there are the occasional waves. Long cross country flights are quite feasible.

A Duty Instructor runs the daily programme on behalf of the CFI. They hold a daily briefing at 09.00 each flying day. Obviously you will want to help out at the launch point when not flying, and to become a part of our safety culture.

Please Note: All visitors are more than welcome at our club, however if you are intending to visit the airfield to fly as a reciprocal member, please can you call the office on 01476 860385 to check that you have a flying account or arrange for an account to be opened for you. Your account number should be quoted at the launch point to enable you to fly. Please note that any club offers are applicable to club members only. In addition, unless your club has an arrangement with us, the daily reciprocal charge is £10 per adult per day or £45 per week and £5 per junior per day or £22.50 per week.

Currently, members of Camphill, Crowland, Darlton, Husbands Bosworth and Kirton in Lindsey are exempt from reciprocal charges.

Visiting Powered Aircraft

Visiting power aircraft are very welcome at their own risk. If you are not also a glider pilot then you might find Saltby quite tricky. Please study your Pooleys or AFE guide and note that a telephoned PPR is essential, as is a call to the Duty Instructor before take-off, using the ‘Contact Us’ numbers. Please be understanding if PPR is refused.

Please note especially that there are no overhead joins because of the possibility of cables. Make normal calls on 129.980 even if you do not receive an answer. If we are using RW25 then expect to park to the east of the coach; if using RW07 then expect to park on the disused runway triangle. And of course there is always the possibility of a go-around because of gliders on the ground or in the circuit. There is no landing fee per se but contributions are always welcome.

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