Buckminster Gliding Club was founded in 1971 and since it’s inception has flown from Saltby Airfield, on the Leicestershire-Lincolnshire border.

A Potted History

RAF Saltby was an active station during World War II. British, American and Polish squadrons were based there. Airborne troops departed from Saltby for the Normandy invasion and Operation Market Garden.

The airfield originally had three concrete runways that intersected in the middle. The main entrance was in the village of Saltby. However, over the years the airfield has changed. Many of the original buildings have been demolished, and one of the concrete runways was completely removed. Approximately half of the land within the original perimeter track is now used for agriculture.

The airfield today consists of most of the main runway (07/25) and around half of runway (02/20) which runs from the start of 02 to its intersection with 07/25.

The old hangar now covers just part of the concrete footprint of the original war-time main hangar. Running alongside 07/25 is a grass runway which is primarily used for landings, avoiding the launching aircraft on the concrete runway.

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