Our airfield is in use all year round and we boast one of the few 7 day a week gliding operations in the country.

Our tugs, Skylaunch Winch, hard runways and club glider fleet ensure that you can learn and launch whenever conditions are favourable.

We will have one of our Instructor team on a rota almost every day of the year ready to provide flight training for members who need it and supervise solo flying.

We have a purpose built modern clubhouse which provides facilities for socialising, kitchen, showers, toilets and a training briefing room.

We have some on site accommodation which is available at very affordable rates. Please contact our office for more details.

Club Equipment

Club Gliders

We have a fleet of Gliders that members can fly, 3 two seat training gliders and 3 single seat gliders.

Member's Hangarage

When it's time to have your own glider we have some of the best hangars to keep it in. Both modern and spacious they are also close to the runways.


Where we get together and 'brief' for the coming day, relax and eat.

Club Tug

Our EuroFox Tug provides fast and efficient launching with costs kept to a minimum. This tug coupled to our hard runway means launches are fast and trouble free.


Our Juniors have huge fun and learn to fly in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. They take on various responsibility at the club including as instructors.

Launch Control

New for this year, it's a great place to run the airfield from, with a dedicated briefing room and the ever essential Tea and Coffee making facilities.

Other Tugs

We have access to two extra tugs, making a total of three at the club.

A Robin and the countries only single seat Chipmunk.

Skylaunch Winch

The backbone of launching at Saltby, our Skylaunch II Winch provides a fast, efficient, and economical way to get into the air. Launches to over 2000ft (600m) are possible.


We use 2 main runways to take off and they are both impervious to our wonderful British weather. Originally built for the airforce they continue to give us good service.

Motor Gliders

Our Grob 109b and Slingsby T61 Motor Gliders are available for hire by club members. Training for both gliding and powered flying can be done in them.

Club Aircraft

Perkoz (S8Y)

The newest addition to our training fleet. With performance that rivals advanced single-seat gliders it is capable of  cross country flying and it’s impressive handling characteristics means it is also used for aerobatic training.

Grob 109b

This advanced Motor Glider is available for hire by club members to complete gliding exercises as well as being a good route into powered flying.


This German-built training glider is known for it’s gentle handling characteristics making it ideal for those at the early stages of learning to fly. It’s high tolerances mean it can also be used for aerobatic training.

Astir (MWK)

Ideal for post-solo pilots who wish to start cross country flying. It has a reasonable performance while still being easy to handle.

Slingsby T61

Our Motor Glider is still an economical way of getting time in the air and also is good fun to fly.

Ka-8 (JNN & JGB)

These vintage gliders are made from wood and canvas. With light controls and gentle characteristics, they are perfect for early-solo pilots. Always a pleasure to fly.

ASK-13 (EBZ)

From basic training, through your advanced pre-solo training, then onto going solo and some great local flying - the K13 has a special place in our hearts.


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